Hostel chain «Zahodi!»

Hostel «Zahodi!» at Paveletskaya offers a special discount during the Festival using promo code MOSCOWSAMBAFEST.

The hostel also has visa support service:

Hostel «Zahodi!» is situated near Paveletskaya metro station (two stations away from the Red Square) and not far from the Festival’s rehearsal base at the ZIL Culture Center. It’s half an hour via city transport or a good walk along the Moscow river quay to get to the rehearsal base:

How to book with the discount:

  • If you book via e-mail, send a letter to with your full name, phone number, dates of accomodation and the promotional code MOSCOWSAMBAFEST.
  • If you book via website (you can switch to English at the booking page), check the box «I have a promotional code» and put the promo code MOSCOWSAMBAFEST to the field.

+7 (495) 120-13-63