Mestre of the bateria


Mestre Caju (Eduardo Ferreira Rodrigues)

Mestre Caju is from São Paulo. In his youth he used to play in a “bloco” in his district and then at the school «Mocidade Alegre». In 1995, he became one of the founders of the «Mancha Verde» bloco and, later, of the samba school «Mancha Verde», which took the 3rd place at the carnival in São Paulo this year. For more than 10 years Eduardo has been leading the “bateria” of this school, which, in fact, is his brainchild and is considered the best bateria in São Paulo.

Usually, Mestre Caju doesn’t limit himself by only one field of activity and participates in many projects. For example, he was also a mestre at the samba school «Uirapuru da Mooca» (São Paulo) and the conductor of the bateria at schools «União da Ilha do Governador» and «Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz» (Rio de Janeiro).

More than 20 years of experience as a conductor and mestre, as well as education in the musical conservatory Souza Lima (São Paulo), helped him to develop his own approach to teaching music to people of all ages and levels.

Due to his desire to share popular Brazilian music through the heart of the samba school — a bateria, Mestre Caju constantly travels all around the world giving classes and taking part in major samba festivals. He has already traveled around both Americas, Europe, visited Morocco and in May 2018 — for the first time — he will come to Russia as the Mestre of the Moscow Samba Festival!